• Armadillo X at OXW 22 a
  • Armadillo X 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X back 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X brace 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X fabric 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X ladder 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X mattress 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X at OXW 22 a
  • Armadillo X 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X back 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X brace 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X fabric 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X ladder 1500×1500
  • Armadillo X mattress 1500×1500

Armadillo® X ABS Hard-Shell X-Frame Side-Open – **PRE-ORDERS TO SHIP IN AUGUST 2022**


Innovative. Versatile. Speedy. Rugged.

Best Hard-shell Roof-Top Tent of 2022

  • One-Piece molded Polycarbonate ABS Hard-Shell
  • Raised X-Frame Design for One-Minute Set-up and Take-down
  • Right and Left Side Open Models
  • 23ZERO’s One-of-Kind Light Suppression Technology®(LST) Fabric
  • 2” Rebound Foam with Plush topper
  • Two Built-in 40” USB LED Light Strips
  • Transparent Stargazer/Sunroof
  • Automotive-Grade Insulated Headliner









Rugged & Lightweight One-Piece Molded Polycarbonate ABS Hard-Shell protects your sleeping gear from elements. Four locking pull-tight cam-straps save time securing your tent against the wind, dust, and moisture for your next adventure! The Armadillo X’s aerodynamic tapered front and 3-ribbed stylings add strength and support for highway travel with reduced wind resistance and noise. The black high-gloss finish wicks away snow, rain, and dust, and makes for a slick and polished clean-up.  

The Raised X-Frame Designed for One-Minute Set-up and Take-down –  A Super fast and simple set-up and break-down IS essential after a long trail ride! The Armadillo’s unique gas-strut-assisted X-Frame raised hinge glides open and pulls close with surprisingly little effort. A comfort-grip pull-strap coupled with stowable shock cord reduces tent billowing and tuck time for a seamless one-motion close. The 35” x 9” window opposite the entrance is quickly accessible to store and access your gear without having to fully deploy the tent, answering the most common question, with a hard-shell, “Can I store my sleeping bag and pillow in the tent?”  YES! The Raised X-Frame provides a storage space of 56” (L) x 18” (W) X 12” (H) adding to an effortless set-up and take-down!

Right and Left Side Open Models allow optimized placement on your choice of Overland rigs ranging from smaller crossovers, wagons, bed-mounted mid-sized 4x4s, to monster custom builds. The Armadillo X has a clear front and back and is designed for either left or right open maintaining a sleek look and aerodynamics.

Light Suppression Technology®  (LST) is a leading-edge combination of a UV treatment and an advanced Polyurethane coating that stays up to 15% cooler and ensures darkness (almost zero light penetration) until you open the windows to start your day. Sleep better than ever before in a roof-top tent. Early summer sunrise, being bathed in light, sweating, and squinting through the odd canvas-colored tints are a thing of the past! Control the light – control your comfort!

2” Rebound Foam with Plush Orange Topper. The newly engineered mattress has a higher latex content to resume its original shape much faster than traditional high-density foam roof-top tent mattresses. It feels firmer even though on paper it has the same specs as its predecessor. Side-sleepers will not slowly sink to the bottom and be left in valleys and troughs if you are prone to toss and turn all night. Better rested equals more adventure!

Two Built-in 40” USB LED Light Strips. Continuing our philosophy of “Controlling the light – controls your comfort!” The two built-in, yet removable, 40” USB powered LED Light Strips balances the tent’s blackout features due to 23ZERO’s Light Suppression Tech ( LST). Positioned over the ladder and at the back of the tent, the light bars make entry and exit at whatever hour safer. If you’re a night owl who needs light for your all-night card game or just because you’re used to sleeping with a nightlight – we’ve got you covered. Any USB 5VDC power supply will light the bars (power source not included).

Transparent Stargazer/Sun Roof – Crack open the sun roof and let the natural light flood in and spark the excitement for the new day’s adventure, or doze off to the wonders of the night sky through the Armadillo X’s Transparent Thermoplastic Polyurethane Sheet (TPU) window. Call it a Sun Roof or a Stargazer, it will protect you from the elements while immersed in them! Rather you’re watching a rainstorm or a meteor shower, both are amazing from the comfort of your Armadillo X!

Automotive-Grade Insulated Headliner. Mirroring the shape and contour of the Armadillo X’s stylish hard shell, the light-gray headliner fits snuggly to the interior increasing temperature control on both hot and cold extremes. The automotive-grade headliner coats the Armadillo X’s 42” peak to drastically reduce internal condensation and moisture accumulation! Plus, it’s a great place to sport your extensive patch collection!

Tech Specs

Key Features

  • Open Direction Options: Right and Left Models Available
  • Opening/Closing Method: 
    • Side-Open X-Frame: 3/16 (.1875 mm) steel hinge gas strut
    • Built-in elastic shock cord band for tent pack up assistance
  • Number of Entrances: One  33” x 30”, zippable LST fabric and insect mesh closure
  • Number of Windows: 4
    • Front & Back (perpendicular to the entrance) – 28” x 19 “ zippable LST fabric and insect mesh closure w/ two window poles for window awning
    • Window/Gear port (opposite entrance)  – 35” X 9”  zippable LST fabric and insect mesh closure
    • Transparent Stargazing/SunRoof (Thermoplastic polyurethane sheet (TPU) zippable transparent and insect mesh closure 
  • Internal Storage Dimensions: 56” (L) x 18” (W) X 12” (H) accessed through Window/Gear port (Opposite Entrance)  – 35” (W) X 9” (H) opening
  • 8” Adjustable Locking Cam-Latch with Key
  • Included Accessories:
    • Lighting: Two 40” 5V USB LED hook & loop fastener Strips
    • Two Attached Internal Mesh gear pockets
  • Two Removable Sail-Track Gear Bag


  • Sleeping Capacity: 2 Adults Comfortably
  • Sleeping Footprint: 56” (W) to 54” (W) x 78 (L) – Sleeping space and mattress transition from 56” down to 54” to accommodate hinge. Equal to ±Full XL Mattress
  • Open Internal Dimensions: 80”(W) x 56”(L) x 42”(H) Equal to ±Full XL Mattress
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Mattress: 2” Rebound Foam
  • Peak internal height: 42” from mattress to Peak
  • Dimensions Open (Interior):  56” (W) x 84”(L) x 42” (H)
  • Seasons: 4 Season Tent

Vehicle Mounting

  • Tent Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Recommended Racks: 190 Dynamic lbs. Rated Rack
  • Dimensions Closed (Exterior): 48” (W) x 62” (L) x 14” (H)
    • W = side to side
    • L = Front to back
  • Open Outside Dimension: 82” (W) x 62”(L) x 48 (H)
    • W = side to side
    • L = Front to back
    • H = Base to Peak
  • Mounting Rails ( Base)
    • 1” Square 3- sided T-Slot rails
    • 60” (5ft) (L) Front to back
    • 28” on Center between rails
    • 11” from the edge
  • Accessories Weight Capacity:  N/A
  • Mounting Kit Includes:
    • (4) Window Poles with bag
    • (4) Mounting Plates
    • (8) Bolts
    • (8) Nylock Nuts
    • (6) Keys
    • 13mm wrench


  • Color: Black & 23ZERO Green (Olive)
  • Outer Hard-Shell: One-piece molded Polycarbonate ABS Shell
  • Tent Baseboard Material: 
    • 3/4” Aluminum honeycomb baseboard
    • 1” Extruded Aluminum Sail Track
    • Stainless steel hinge
    • 60%:40% Baseboard Fold 
  •  Base Tent Fabric: 
    • 20gsm 900D Polyester
    • LST
    • Eco13B
  • Rainfly Fabric: 210D polyester oxford flysheet with PU3000mm black coating
    • (2) Triangle Window zippered and Hook loop fasteners
    • LST Fabric & insect mesh closure
  • Internal Frame Material: Side-Open X Frame Hinge: 3/16 (.1875 mm)  &  3/4” Round Aluminum Tubing w/ riveted joints
  • Ceiling Material: Light Gray automotive-grade insulated head-liner
  • Mattress Cover Material: Removable  Quilted Cotton-Poly in Burnt Orange Top with Gray Polyester zippable bottom
  • Mosquito Screen: Polyester Mesh
  • Ladder: 7′ attached aluminum telescoping ladder with adjustable increments
  • Travel Cover – Hard Outer One-piece molded Polycarbonate ABS Shell

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