Light Suppression Technology ( LST )

light suppression technology (lst)

Light Suppression Technology® (LST), is a revolutionary feature introduced by 23ZERO in their roof top tents. It is a cutting-edge application that combines a UV treatment and an advanced polyurethane coating on the fabric to provide enhanced sleep quality and comfort.

LST Improves Sleep & Comfort THREE Ways…


LIGHT. By reducing visible light penetration to almost zero when all windows are closed, LST allows overlanders to control when they want to let light into the tent, creating a dark sleeping environment. It also helps reduce UV penetration, providing additional protection and comfort.


COLOR. The color temperature of ambient light can influence our feelings and physiological activity. LST helps eliminate the effects of colored light by reducing visible light penetration, allowing for a more relaxing sleep experience.


TEMPERATURE. Temperature plays a crucial role in sleep quality, with extreme temperatures potentially disrupting sleep. LST has been shown to reduce the internal temperature of the tent by up to 15% in full sunlight, keeping the occupants cooler for longer.

With LST, we help to ensure that you enjoy a better sleep environment, free from unwanted light, reduced heat, and color interference. LST is utilized in most 23ZERO tents and awnings. With LST, 23ZERO continues to innovate and provide products that inspire outdoor enthusiasts to live the vehicle-based adventure lifestyle in comfort and convenience.