Versatile Armadillo X2 & X3 Annex and Privacy Shelter

Enhance your camping experience with the Armadillo X2 & X3 annex, offering privacy, weather protection, and easy setup for versatile use.

  • Versatile privacy shelter – changing, toilet, pets, protected storage, and more
  • Multiple entry points with screened doors for ventilation
  • Removable PVC floor for easy cleaning
  • Built-in zippered extension adapts to different vehicle heights




The perfect addition to enhance your camping experience! Designed specifically for your Armadillo X2 or X3 setup, this annex provides an adaptable and versatile hub for various purposes. With a built-in extension allowing the privacy shelter floor to rest at different levels depending on the height of the vehicle and camping conditions, this annex is genuinely flexible. Overhanging flaps on the roof assist with protection from the weather, and a removable PVC floor ensures easy maintenance. The grommeted door and window coverings can be used for additional shade with the help of extra poles, guy lines, and stakes.

  • Spacious Living Area: Ceiling height of 75 to 86 inches and approximately 60 square feet of living space for various uses like a storm shelter, sunshade, or private area.
  • Multiple Entry Points: Rear door for vehicle access, large front door, and two side doors, with screens to keep insects out while providing ventilation.
  • Effortless Deployment: It’s a simple setup. Slide into the sail track, zip to the tent’s rain fly, stake down the corners, deploy the poles, and secure the guy lines.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Storage size of 36” W x 13” L x 11” H and weight of 28-30 lbs for easy transportation.


  • Privacy shelter
  • Annex floor
  • Large storage bag
  • Six (6) stakes with bag
  • Two (2) support poles with bag
  • Two (2) guy lines 


  • Storage Size: 36” W x 13” L x 11” H
  • Storage Weight: 28-29 lbs

Some Recommendations

  • The Armadillo X2 / X3 rooftop tent annex should not be stored within the main tent while it is zipped to the rain fly or attached to the sail track.
  • Ensure all four corners of the annex are securely staked, and attach and stake the guy lines to the two poles for stability.
  • Do not store the annex while it is still attached to the rain fly or sail track to avoid potential damage and ensure longevity.
  • The annexes are designed to be attached to tents mounted at 75” (+/- 3”). Different support poles may be required for shorter or taller situations.
  • Compatible with Armadillo X2 and X3 tents, respectfully. Not compatible with X2 Slim.

Additional Dimensions & Measurement*

X2 X3
Floor / Ground Coverage 80” W x 104” L – 60 sq ft 80” W x 104” L – 60 sq ft
Inside Height Depending on the ground. 68” to 86” H 68” to 86” H
Mounting Height. 75” H +/- 3” 75” H +/- 3”
Pole Length 79” 79”
Door Size (U Shaped) 41” W x 64” H 41” W x 64” H
Side Door Size (2) 47” W x 58” H 47” W x 58” H
Side Bottom Width 103” W 106” W
Side Top Width 78” W 83” W
Front Bottom Width 80” W 85” W
Front Top Width 60” W 65” W
Front Height 71” H 71” H
Vehicle Access Door 50” W x 60” H 50” W x 60” H

*All dimensions and measurements are approximations and, when in the wild, will vary given your camping conditions, ground variations, how the tent is mounted on your rig, and other conditions.

Additional information

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