Kabari XL Wedge Hardshell with More Space

The Kabari XL is a wedge hardshell rooftop tent with even more space: experience superior comfort, ECO13B fabric, and LST for a restful sleep in the wild.


Mounting Footprint:
55” W x 84.5” L x 8.5” H (includes mounting rails)
Mounting Weight: 202 lb
Sleeping Footprint:
49.5” W x 79” L
Internal Dimensions:
50” W x 80” L x 53” H (13″ H at the foot)
Sleeps: 2 Adults
Seasons: 4 seasons


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Kabari XL Wedge Hardshell with More Space

Practicality meets innovation with integrated features designed for organization and convenience. From the integrated dual T-Slot along upper and lower tent edges, allowing a plethora of mounting options for accessories or the integrated power module, every detail is tailored for efficiency and adaptability. The Kabari XL’s wedge shell rooftop tent design doesn’t just sleep two adults—it creates an experience, power ports, complete with a ladder, mounting hardware, condensation mat, rain fly poles, dual LED lights, and a comfortable mattress all enveloped in a sleek black exterior.

The Kabari XL has a 2.75″ Rebound Foam mattress, an insulated grey cotton-poly topper, and Light Suppression Technology (LST), promising undisturbed sleep on any terrain. Accessibility is a breeze with three entrances, and the ECO13B fabric construction affords resilience against all weather and light, solidifying its status as the go-to shelter for off-road escapades.

  • Internal Organization: With a six-pocket gear loft measuring 31” X 22” including a clear tablet section and two side gear pockets (10” x 7”), and a boot bag (18” x 18” with one large pocket and four small), the Kabari XL wedge hard shell rooftop tent keeps belongings neatly arranged. 
  • Panoramic Views & Fresh Air: Enjoy 360-degree views and fresh air through four windows and three entrances, outfitted with preinstalled ladder brackets.
  • Rapid Setup and Takedown: The tent’s design facilitates quick and easy deployment, maximizing your time in nature. Using an external X frame minimizes tucking and makes packing up as easy and stress-free.
  • Sustainable and Dark Sleeping Area: Crafted from ECO13B fabric with LST, the Kabari XL ensures a dark, serene sleep environment while being kind to the environment.
  • Streamlined Profile: The low-profile design enhances aerodynamics and reduces wind drag.
  • Versatile Lighting: Two independent USB 5V LEDs with three levels of white light settings are included. They are attached via hook and loop with two sowed-in attachment points.
  • Comfort for Two: This bed has ample space for two and features a dry and cozy sleeping area with a high-quality mattress and topper.
  • Comprehensive Inclusions: The Kabari XL wedge shell rooftop tent has all the necessary accessories for a trouble-free setup. Please see the list below.
  • Durable Construction: Built to endure, with heavy-duty latches, a solid external shell, and a robust internal frame, complemented by a 5/8” rubber seal for weatherproofing.
  • Ample Attachment Points: Single and double T-Slot rails and front and rear sail tracks provide extensive options for additional gear.
  • Integrated Roof Bar System: This system features two cross bars (55” W x 2.875” L x .75” H) with pre-drilled supports for diverse mounting possibilities. 
  • Enhanced Closing Mechanism: A bungee system assists in tent closure, with heavy-duty latches to secure the tent when closed.
  • Power ports: A built-in power port with a 12V socket, USB, and USB C is pre-wired through the base to an externally mounted SB50 Anderson plug (connection to a power source not included).

Mounting Kit Includes:

  • Four (4) rubber-coated mounting plates
  • Ten (10) sliding mounting plate sets (plate, bolt, washer, nylock nut). Ten 1.75” and 10 2.5” bolts are included to support various mounting needs. Only eight sets are required for installation.
  • 10mm / 13mm wrench
  • Allen wrench
  • Two (2) LED lights with USB cables
  • Four (4) rail end caps
  • All in a zippered bag

Also Included:

  • Ladder with bag
  • Four (4) rain fly poles (40” L) with their storage bag
  • Two roof cross bars
  • Four roof cross bar mounting plates
  • Sixteen bolt/nut sets for installing the cross bars
  • Preinstalled: Four (4) boot bag hooks, four (4) latches, two (2) ladder hooks, and four (4) window pole mounts

Before you install a wedge shell rooftop tent, it’s critical to understand these key points: 

  • Verify your vehicle’s maximum roof load capacity as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Consult with the rack manufacturer or retailer to check the load limit of your roof rack or truck bed rack, especially for off-road use. 
  • Understand that the maximum allowable weight you can safely add to your vehicle’s roof or cargo area may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as any aftermarket additions such as roof racks or bars.

Additional information

Weight 4176 oz
Dimensions 91 × 61 × 11 in