Peregrine PRO 180 Degree Overland Awning

Discover the best 180 degree overland awning for your adventures at 23Zero. Use our Made Better principles to deliver a quality product that will last the test of time.


  • Mounts Right or Left
  • Freestanding
  • 95 sq ft of Coverage
  • Waterproof and UPF 50 LST fabric
  • Built-in 2 color led lights





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The Peregrine PRO 180 degree overland awning provides extensive vehicle-mounted shelter, perfect for protection against harsh elements. Crafted following our Made Better principles, this top-tier 180 degree awning features truss-style rafter arms with built-in dual-color LED lights. It’s made from ECO13B recycled fabric and boasts a fully waterproof seam canopy, enhanced with Light Suppression Technology (LST) for UPF 50 protection that significantly cools the area underneath. Offering a vast 95 sq ft of coverage, it’s an excellent choice for vehicles with taller rear doors and hatches that extend above the roofline.

  • Effortless Setup. The Peregrine PRO 180 degree overland awning is designed for ease of use, ensuring a quick and seamless setup. This fast-deploying awning provides substantial shade and protection from the elements, allowing you more time to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance. The Peregrine PRO overland awning features an aluminum box truss rafter arm design, integrated diffused LED lighting, and seamless canopy integration, marking it as a true innovation in outdoor gear. The newly designed rafter arms provide outstanding stability and confidence, adding a touch of ‘wow’ factor to your setup.
  • Light Suppression Technology. The Peregrine PRO is crafted with ECO13B fabric featuring Light Suppression Technology (LST), a pioneering advancement in awning technology. LST includes a specially formulated dark coating skillfully applied to the underside of the awning. Its main purpose is effectively blocking sunlight and UV rays, ensuring the interior space remains cool and shaded.
  • Ideally Suited. The Peregrine PRO overland awning is ideal for versatile mounting. It can be installed on either the left or right side of almost any vehicle. It is particularly effective with high galley doors or rear hatches that would be obstructed by a full wrap-around 270-degree awning.
  • Maximize Your Space. Enjoy unparalleled shelter with over 20 feet of coverage from tip to tip when fully deployed along the length of your vehicle, providing nearly 95 sq ft of covered space. For even greater coverage, add optional walls (sold separately), which offer ample room for a protected area to relax, play games, cook, or sleep.
  • Wall Compatibility. The Peregrine PRO 180 is compatible with the Peregrine 180 (with “chunky zipper”) and Peregrine 180 walls. 

The 23Zero Peregrine PRO 180 degree overland awning is designed to be freestanding. However, we recommend taking precautions to prevent damage from winds. Employing integrated poles and guy ropes for added stability enhances safety and prolongs the awning’s lifespan.

Impressive Features & Specifications

  • Effortless one-person setup and pack-down
  • Four (4) arm configuration for maximum coverage
  • Robust yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • Forward-facing rafters for front vehicle shelter
  • 180-degree design for side-mounted shelter
  • Two (2) integrated telescopic poles for stability in windy conditions (plus 2 extra poles)
  • Built-in diffused LED white/amber lighting
  • Built-in pocket for USB power pack and cord storage
  • Optional wall kits available for expanded coverage
  • Reinforced tie-off points for rainwater run-off
  • Integrated aluminum sail tracks for accessory attachment
  • Eco13B Fabric with LST
  • Sturdy 7” x 1” aluminum extruded backboard
  • Weatherproof Oxford polyester cover with zipper covers on the front and back
  • Includes mounting kit 


  • Location Option: Left or Right
  • Mounting Footprint: 87” W x 7” H
  • Packed: 84” L x 6” W x 7.5” H
  • Weight: 49 lb (awning only)
  • Open: 20’ L x 6.41′ W
  • Approximate Coverage: 95 Sq Ft

Additional information

Weight 768 oz
Dimensions 89 × 9 × 7 in