Breezeway™ 62 2.0

The Breezeway 62 is a soft- shell rooftop tent for 3+ people, it offers LST, 4 portal style windows, queen size bed, its lightweight and an easy setup


Mounting Footprint:
63” (W) x 48” (L) x 14” (H)
Sleeping Footprint:
62” (W) x 96”(L) x 44”(H)
Open Dimensions: 63” (W) x 96”(L) x 52”(H)
Sleeps: 3 + Adults
Seasons: 4 seasons


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The 23ZERO Breezeway 62 is a unique light weight soft-shell rooftop tent for two people with a queen size bed. Its user-friendly design ensures a restful haven for overland adventurers, complemented by a comfortable rebound foam 3-inch mattress and 4-season protection.

The new 2.0 Version offers features that make one of the best soft-shell rooftop tent that 23ZERO has offered and has been honed and perfected over time. The small details make a difference to both the experience you will have when the weather is not on your side and the product’s expected life. The Breezeway has been in the market for over six years , meaning we have made changes for problems you will never see.

  • Eco-friendly fabric: The new ECO13B fabric with LST is a testament to 23ZERO‘s commitment to the environment, the first in the USA market to offer a certified fully recycled fabric that helps the environment and adds a new level of durability to the fabric.
  • Light control: The now legendary LST (Light Suppression Technology) is a key feature we have perfected over the years to reduce the amount of light entering the tent, allowing you control over what light comes in and when.
  • Climate control: The combination of LST and the huge windows offers cross-flow ventilation that allows you to regulate the temperature inside the tent.
  • Reinforced critical joins: Our years of experience have taught us where the joins and areas that need reinforcement are; you can see the “Bar-tacks” ( ½ inch orange stitching ) in many places on the tent.
  • Heavy Duty frame: The Polyester wrapped heavy duty frame incorporates features refined over years to provide strength and longevity. A Stainless steel hinge joined to all metal moving parts for the main tent body. The Extension is connected via a lever lock adjustable frame pole so there is no need to remove and store separately and has an additional snow pole or heavy weather pole that add tension to the extension over ladder to reduce the build of water on the roof.
  • PCV backed center flap: The flap over the center join in the tent is double the width of traditional roof top tents and has been PCV backed to add strength and stability reducing gaps in nasty weather.
  • Waterproof: The entire tent is tape seam sealed to prevent leaks from seams; combined with the ECO13B fabric, you will stay dry even in the worst storm.
  • Ultra Fine insect mesh: The ultra fine insect mesh screens on the windows and doors keep out the uninvited guests, even the small ones.
  • Sky window: The Breezeway 62 soft-shell rooftop tent features a quick removable fly and sky window’s; this allows you to open the roof to stargaze on pleasant, clear nights. The Breezeway 62 has 2 screened and solid zippered windows in the roof.
  • Easy off transit cover: The Breezeway 2.0 Features a quick removal cover made from a heavy-duty 600D PVC cover that has been designed and tested to work from below 32 degrees to over 100 degrees.
  • Fits most vehicles: Our soft shell rooftop tents have been designed to be a universal fit and will work almost all crossbar bar style roof racks that have a suitable weight capacity.
Before you install a Roof Top Tent, it’s critical to understand these key points:
  • Verify your vehicle’s maximum roof load capacity as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Check the load limit of your roof rack or truck bed rack especially for off-road use, by consulting with the rack’s manufacturer or retailer.
  • Understand that the maximum allowable weight you can safely add to your vehicle’s roof or cargo area may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as any aftermarket additions such as roof racks or bed racks.



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Weight 2640 oz
Dimensions 67 × 13 × 51 in