UP-CYCLED Firewood Tote

Gather, secure, and transport firewood before your trip or in the field with 23ZERO’s Up-cycled
Firewood Tote.


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  • One of a kind while being environmentally friendly
    • Instead of throwing away factory blemishes or returned products, we recycle the materials to create useful products
    • Each Firewood Tote is one of a kind. Because we use recycled material you tote will be different in some way from anyone else’s
    • As we use up-cycled material, we cannot guarantee the tote will always be in stock.
    • Comes in different shades of coyote, green, or black depending on material available at the time; therefore, the color of tote you receive, will be a surprise. Also, your tote may have some additional buckles, loops, logos, etc. Totes may not have a 23ZERO logo.
  • Handling and Security
    • Lay the tote out flat to quickly gather wood and use the thick handles for easy carry
    • Our fastening buckle allow you to sinch your wood bundle tightly for carrying and transport
  • Made in the USA
    • We partner with a company in Idaho to help design and manufacture our Up-Cycled line of products
    • Made from poly cotton canvas (from tent walls) and a PVC (from transit covers) reinforced bottom
  • Specifications
    • 18 inches wide and 39 inches long allowing for up to a 13-inch diameter wood bundle
    • 1.5-inch nylon wrap around support and handles
    • 1-inch quick release and sinch buckle

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in